Windmill tower components

  • Aluminium Ladders – Compliant to EN 131-2. Ladder can be made in any width between 420mm – 550mm, length up to 5880mm.
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Ladders – Compliant to EN 131-2. Ladder is made in standard width of 385mm, and length up to 3080mm.
  • Fall Arrester for Rigid Rail and Rope – Compliant to EN 353-1 and EN 353-2, CE certified
  • Service Lift – Compliant to EN 1808, CE certified. The lift is capable of carrying 250 Kgs, speed 18 mtrs / min.
  • Tower internals like Platforms, Door frame, brackets and bushes, exhaust duct, cable drum, staircase etc.

Metallic Expansion Joints

  • Rectangular expansion joint – Rectangular metallic expansion joint, with single, double and triple convolutions, with bellow size from length 500mm to 10000mm.
  • Circular expansion joint – We manufacture circular expansion joints, in polygonal segments. We have made expansion joints up to Ø8500mm in diameter.
  • Round Corner bellows –  We have horizontal cold forming machine to make Round Corner bellows. We can make bellows in Single as well as Double convolution, in Full Size and Half Size.

Casings and Hoppers

  • Casings – We can make Casings for ESP, Bag house, bucket elevator and other applications. We can make casings in any size and thickness.
  • Hoppers – We can make hoppers in any size and shape. We use CAD modelling for plate cutting nesting. Plate cutting is done in CNC cutting.
  • Ducting, chutes, transition duct, hatch door

Inspection doors, Manhole cover, Access doors

We can manufacture Inspection door, Manhole covers, Access doors. Manufacturing involves precision CNC Laser cutting, turned bushes, welding of stainless steel anchor pins, creep resistant steel plates and assembly.

Technology structures

  • Pipe conveyor frames
  • Idler brackets
  • Stringer and Short post
  • Head Frames
  • Apron feeder
  • Buckets for elevator
  • Guards
  • Idler frames
  • Handrail
  • Secondary structures

Material handling equipments

  • Feed Hopper, weighing up to 65 MT each
  • Grizzly
  • Stringer and Short post
  • Deck plates
  • Apron feeder
  • Buckets for elevator
  • Trestle
  • Idler frames
  • Handrail
  • Secondary structures


  • Airfoil duct
  • Buckets for Bucket elevator
  • Stacker Reclaimer parts like Rail Fixing Foundation  plates
  • Foundation bolts
  • Buffer Frame
  • Cable funnel
  • Conveying blades for Stacker Reclaimer
  • PEB structures
  • Shutters for Column, Beams
  • Misc. Press parts
  • Ducts, elbow duct, self cleaning duct
  • Steel rails
  • Conveying blades for stacker reclaimer